5 nostalgic things in Vizag that kids from the 90s will understand

The 90s were a wonderful era to grow up. People of Vizag, growing up here in this era, had unique experiences which the present generation will probably never know about. Here, we list 5 nostalgic things in Vizag that only kids from the 90s kids will understand.

#1 All roads led to Jagadamba Centre

For the 90s kids in Vizag, Jagadamba Centre was the hotspot for entertainment. The iconic discus throwing statue at the theatre has always caught our eye, didn’t it? From its movie halls to the video-game arcade, this place was the one stop for most social gatherings.

#2 Foodex for the foodie

This eatery holds a special place in every 90s kid’s heart. As one of the first fast food joints in Vizag, Foodex was the first choice for birthday parties, gatherings or if you wanted to satisfy your fast food cravings.

#3 Ice cream stories at the Beach Road

None of the chic ice cream shops had marked their presence in Vizag back then. Hence, the ice cream carts on the Beach Road were among the top spots for the 90s kids of Vizag to get a treat from their parents after scoring well in an exam.

#4 The single screen mania

Until 2010, multiplexes weren’t what Vizag was really known for. Back in those days, especially for the 90s kids, watching a movie was all about standing in the long queues at a theatre’s gates and shouting their lungs out at the super-cool entry of their favourite star on a single screen. 

#5 Less traffic

There were way fewer vehicles on the roads of Vizag until a few years ago. Thankfully, there weren’t any smartphone addictions either. This meant that the 90s kids would enjoy going around the city along with their friends on their bicycles.

The 90s were indeed a very memorable age. Writing these certainly got us nostalgic. If you are a 90s Vizag kid, let us know about your nostalgia too.


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